Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, here goes attempt #2 at this blogging thing - let's hope I can keep up with our crazy-busy life enough to add stuff to our page! I'm not quite sure what happened to our first blog, but apparently it's floating out in cyberspace somewhere...hmm?! I'm trying to add our first entry to this new blog, and in the background, Carter (who is almost 3!!!) is screaming random names and locations in the center of the living room...he's too funny! My inexperience as a "blogger" has left me quite confused today, hence the fact that I spent the better half of the day (yucky weather today, so it was no biggie) trying to figure out all the tips & tricks to this hobby. Hopefully I can catch up to speed with the blogging world and have this page running in no time. So, here's to wishful thinking and a little luck!

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